Best Christmas ever!!!!!

Yesterday we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ with my boys, their significant others and the grandkids.  I have to say dinner and the celebration turned out to be the best Christmas we have ever had.  God Blessed the wife and I with cooking an awesome meal.  The turkey and dressing were to die for, the ham was moist and sweet and all the trimmings were just more than we expected.  It seemed like everyone enjoyed their day.  It started out with the grand kids waking up and yelling “Santa Claus came.”  This really excited me because my 5 year old grand daughter didn’t believe in Santa Claus until now.  Then later that morning we let the grandkids open their presents.  While it wasn’t a lot, we did the best we could under the financial strain we were under.  The boys loved their gifts and I was very pleased with the gifts I received.  My Christmas was made when I saw the smile on the grandkid’s faces. 

After breakfast, we went to church, which was a treat all in itself.  Not only did they have music all morning, they also had very spiritual videos throughout the service.  I recall one were Jesus and his buddy were getting ready to go to Jesus’s birthday party.  The buddy started putting a santa suit on Jesus, then adding presents, decorations and everything else you can think of until you couldn’t see Jesus at all.  This portrayed what a lot Americans do today.  They get so wrapped up in the materialistic aspects of Christmas, they forget what the true meaning of Christmas is.  This video really touched my heart.  I know I have been guilty of it in the past but if I can help I will never be guilty of it again. 

After church, we came home and made some snacks then began cooking the feast of the evening.  My wife and I make an awesome team in the kitchen.  We can cook together in the smallest of kitchens and turn out some food that will surely bring you back for seconds.  God blessed us with the knowledge and special touch to make this dinner one of the best we have ever had during our holiday celebrations.  Later that afternoon, my son made it and the wife and I continued to cook.  It finally came the time to eat.  I don’t think anyone in the house just had one plate.  It was a fight for the finish.  While we had a good sized turkey and a medium sized ham, most of the meat was eaten.  Even the all the trimmings had a big dent put in them.  I must say it was heavenly. 

To top the evening off, my favorite sister stopped by and enjoyed a plate of our food.  It was so good to see her.  Her and I started the game “Words with Friends” with each other and she became addicted right off the bat.  After this, it was time for me to lay down.  My back had taken all it could for the day.  I was and still am in so much pain.  It has brought tears to my eyes many times during the day but the good Lord gave me the strength to carry on. 

In closing, it’s not the gifts you get or give or the food you eat that makes the best Christmas.  It’s the time a family joins together and celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.  We try to instill in our children and grand children to love one another and have no enemies.  I must say I am very proud of all of them.  It truly warmed my heart to spend such an awesome day with such a good bunch of people.  May this just be a start of a family tradition that we may carry for years to come.  The only thing I love more in this world than my family is Jesus Christ.  Through him our inner lights shine bright.  I can’t give enough praise and thanks for such a wonderful day.  Thank you and God Bless.



Luke 1:76-78“And you, my child, will be called a prophet of the Most High; for you will go on before the Lord to prepare the way for him, to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins, because of the tender mercy of our God, by which the rising sun will come to us from heaven”

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